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icybright in treeoftales

idk my bff insomnia

Yet another one for 31_days. This time: ~water tribeeee~

Title: Eight Easy Steps
Day/Theme: April 11th/On usefulness and the passage of time.
Series: Avatar
Character/Pairing: Sokka (young ladies, he rocks ya!), brief mention of Sokka/Suki
Rating: G
Word Count: 629

Number five was inspired by this gorgeous picture.

"Katara's so helpful. Katara's so patient. Why can't you be more like your sister, Sokka?"

He tosses the boomerang against the imposing wall of ice and vows that the next place it goes will be in the face of the nearest person who tells him he's not useful.

When Aang wakes up with nightmares, he goes to Katara for comfort. When Aang wants to talk, long, rambling, and introspectively, he goes to Katara. When Aang has a question or a concern, when he's hungry or confused or hurt, he goes to Katara.

But when Aang wants to laugh, he goes to Sokka, and Sokka thinks, gratefully, that's all he could ever ask for.

Science makes him feel the way he imagines bending makes Katara and Aang feel: connected, centered, whole. The way complex theories fit together, the click in his brain when he knows an idea will work, the satisfaction of creating something that can help them.

It's not magic to anyone but him, and Sokka finds that matters very little.

When Katara and Aang are sleeping he talks to Bato alone, about things he couldn't tell them, about what life will be like in the tribe once he returns, a man.

"You keep them together," Bato says, gesturing to the sleeping figures in the corner of the tent, voice hushed but serious. "Your father would be so proud of you."

Sokka nods, and tries to hide the rush of emotions that threaten, suddenly, to overtake him.

Toph's hand is unsteady at first, ungraceful and shaky as he guides it, but eventually her lines smooth out and she's finished with the first sheet of parchment.

"That's really good," Sokka says, hoping she can hear the smile in his voice, "It definitely says Toph Bei Fong."

"I wrote my name," Toph says, quietly, and he decides not to tease her about the blush rising to her cheeks. "I wrote my name. Sokka...thank you.”

He makes a small, dismissive sound. "That's only the start. Now we have fun." He places his hand back on her arm, ever so gently, and grins. "This is how you write Zuko, and then I'll show you how to write..."

The second time he uses his sword in battle it feels different than it ever has before, like an extension of his arm, like a part of his thoughts and soul and heart solidified, all the anger and frustration and defeats turned into something new and shining.

It feels really awesome.

It also feels, he thinks in the few seconds he has to do so, before a Fire Nation solider comes at him with a clang of metal on metal, for the first time, that they will win.

The baby kicks once, twice, and Sokka's hand feels the impact on Suki's round warm belly.

"So strong," he mutters. "Geez. What have you been eating?"

"Of course she's strong," Suki replies dismissively, "She's a future Kyoshi Warrior."

"Or he's a future...Oh, why am I even trying? It’s going to be a girl, isn't it?"

Suki grins. "I'm sure you'll find something useful to teach her. Like...how to tie her ponytail?"

Sokka grumbles, though not unhappily, and spreads his palm out again, as his daughter kick kick kicks with tough little feet.

He's never been so nervous in his life, his breath is caught in his throat, his palms are sweating and his face feels flushed. But Iroh is smiling at him, and Piandao nods once in his direction, with all his familiar and comforting elegance.

Sokka swallows deeply, and says in the calmest voice he can muster, "Members of the Order, I welcome you." He bows. "This meeting will now begin."


Oh, this is wonderful!

Sokka is awesome, and I love that you showed so many different aspects of him. It's hard to choose a favourite fragment, but I'll have to go with the last. :)
Thank you so much. :)) The idea of Sokka as a White Lotus member fills me with joy.
I really love this! :) Really, really nice portrayal of Sokka in all the drabbles. (It's odd, when I first started watching Avatar I thought I wouldn't like Sokka, but in the end, he became my favorite character.) My favorite drabble would have to be the second one, and the seventh one (because I simply adore Sokka/Suki, and there are not enough fics for them). Hope you write more! ^_^
Oh wow, thank you for such a nice comment. Sokka's so different from any other 'comic relief' character I've seen in that he's also really smart...that's why drew me to him initially. And I have to say I relate to aspects of his personality.

I adore Sokka/Suki too, although I don't mind a good Sokka/Toph once in a while either. ;)
I love them all, with a particular fondness for #8. :D
Ahahaha your icon. ♥ Piandaaaao~

Thank you so much. :D

(I really love your website and the icons you make, btw. Also the newsletter!)
Heh... I just noticed this reply in my inbox.

Thanks, by the way. :)
Oh, it's plushulala. (is logged in under press blog account)
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