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icybright in treeoftales

the night will have no stars

Title: Every Story is a Love Story
Day/Theme: April 26th/Fall in, fall out.
Series: Avatar
Featured Pairing: SO MANY
Rating: G
Word Count: 355

Fall In
Katara and Aang
"When?" She asks him one day, although they both know the answer and always have.

"Since forever," Aang replies.

Suki and Sokka
He is sure, really sure, when he realizes considering his life without her in it leaves a hole too deep and fearful to fathom.

He would go on without her (this, of course, he knows), but he would not want to.

Mai and Zuko
He makes her feel, and it's a not entirely unwelcome sensation.

She makes him laugh, and no one else has ever been able to.

Kanna and Pakku
There's not too much time left for her, she reasons, and having a little fun once and a while never hurt anyone.

(Considering it anything more, at this age, seems a sacrilege.)

Bato and Hakoda
He realizes Bato's hand is lingering on his shoulder a little longer, the looks in his eyes are a little gentler and almost sad.

Hakoda's heart does a leap, when he suddenly realizes just how long his best friend has been waiting for him to be ready too.

Fall Out
Yue and Sokka
Over time, he finds it easier to look at the full moon.

One evening, he even kisses Suki under it, and the look in her eyes is somber, beloved understanding.

Toph and Sokka
"It will not hurt forever," Iroh says. "Time heals things more quickly than you would imagine."

"I know," Toph replies, hushed, "But it hurts now."

Ty Lee and Azula
Azula braided her hair for the first time when they were at school, and as Ty Lee undoes each wind of thick chestnut she forgets forgets forgets.

For the rest of her life she hangs it loose and free.

Ursa and Ozai
She searches his face for feeling as he looks at his newborn son, and finds none.

The dregs in her heart left for Ozai she gives to Zuko, and watches them grow.

Kya and Hakoda
"I never stopped loving your mother, Katara," Hakoda says in the darkness of the tiny waterborne bedroom. "And I never will."

Katara allows herself, for the first time, to cry.



These are breathtaking. <3333

Thank you so much.
Oh, I love the way you wrote these. They're amazing and you captured all these pairings so well, esp. Kataang. It was so cute!

p.s. I approve of your icon. blake lively ftw always.


I have a special place in my heart for Kataang. There's nothing cuter than BFF with an ~epic romance~
Oh, these are nice; all short, but more poignant because of it. My favorites are the Sokka ones (as you'd probably expect, hehe), and the Ursa and Ozai one. The dregs in her heart left for Ozai she gives to Zuko, and watches them grow. Poor Ursa and Zuko.
Poor Ursa and Zuko indeed. :( I hope they'll at least be able to be reunited.

Thank you for your comment.
Oh, gosh, these are so lovely.
It makes my heart all twisty that love for Ozai sparked Ursa's love for Zuko; would be interesting if he reminds her of when his father was younger, kinder....

Toph & Sokka, Ty Lee & Azula--oh, my heart.
Oh, and the Maiko was sweet.

Love how you divdied it between fall in (love), fall out (of love), divided by death, onrequited, break-up.
There are so many things to wonder about with those crazy royals, it's really fascinating...

Thanks. I am really glad someone liked the Ty Lee one.
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